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DARRAN launches Honey: A perfect modern office solution that addresses safety, function, adaptability and aesthetics! 


The space-efficient 120 degree planning grid creates a flowing geometry that meanders through a room with endless possibilities for configuring the workspace.  Honey panels are soft and rounded with compound curved surfaces.  The panel height of 55″ gives the right amount of visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space.

DARRAN-Honey-2 (1).jpg

Honey offers open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, lounge, or desking in sitting, standing, or height adjustable, adapting to the way you work.  In addition to work space, Honey has a collection of storage and lounge products that compliment the soft lines of the workspace furniture.  Thoughtfully designed, this collection integrates an open base with height adjustable bases integrated into the panel promoting a light feeling and tidy lines.


Click here to learn more! This innovative product couldn't have come at a better time for our changing work environments! 

Special-T introduces Safe-T:

A division of the company dedicated to the health and safety of the workplace!


Air Purification System                     Entry Screening      ​                        Screen and Barriers

Surgically Clean Air products offer superior air purification through sophisticated filtration systems, high volume air flow capacity, and lower sound levels than any other premium air purifier on the market today



The Air Purifier is a Medical Grade Air System capable of filtering the air 3 times per hour at a very low noise level and the lowest cost per cubic feet of air cleaned


Cleans and Sanitizes Indoor Air

SCA systems use a 4-step, 6- stage air purification process that doesn’t just remove the smallest particulates of pollution, it DESTROYS them.



The Pre-Filter & HEPA-Rx Filter stage captures even ultra-fine particulates, with 99.998% of particles at 0.1 microns and 99.2% of particles at 0.0025 microns.

Covid-19 virus is at 0.12 microns

Remove 99.9%
of viruses, bacteria
& fungus


Click here to learn more about what Safe-T is doing to ensu​re a safe environment for the workplace! 

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