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What's New

We are pleased to announce we are now representing the industy leader in visual communication products: 


We look forward to speaking with you more about this line and being your source for your visual communication needs! 

DARRAN'S award winning product line, Honey, is now available in 90°

Designed by Mark Müller and Christopher Wright, Honey 90* workstations build on the Best of NeoCon award-winning design, Honey 120°. Leveraging the same innovative concepts, Honey 90° offers the same natural airflow, sound absorption, and privacy features within a linear aesthetic that gives the collection a smaller footprint. With a panel height of 55”, the Honey 90° offers excellent visual and auditory privacy without overwhelming an environment.


Special-T's top selling tables are now available in 9 new metal colors!

1440x810_d_sienna-newcolors-edited-1920x1080-20230201163906 (1).png
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